Special Podcast “Tribute to 2017”


  1. Looking for the Rain (Unkle Reconstruction) by UNKLE
  2. Bottom of the Deep Blue Sea by Missio
  3. Pressure by Until Until The Ribbon Breaks
  4. Deadcrush by alt-J
  5. Missin Somthn by Boogrov feat. GOSTO
  6. Fault Lines by Fyfe
  7. Trouble + Me by Ghostpoet
  8. When We Die by Tricky feat. Martina Topley Bird
  9. Cold War by Mac Guffin
  10. No friend of mine by The Airplane feat. Awa Ly
  11. Girl Of Mine by Sparrow
  12. Amandine Insensible by SEVDALIZA
  13. Come Down by Slaptop feat. Rozzi
  14. Light From One by Engine-Earz Experiment feat Ane Brun
  15. Slowmotion by Kaagari
  16. Plasm by CTO Feat. Sibyl Hofstetter
  17. Money in my Pocket by Frenic feat Gracie Grey
  18. Bagatelle by Degiheugii
  19. Liar by Chinese Mann feat. Kendra Morris & Dillon Cooper
  20. I’d Wait Forever And A Day For You by Torii Wolf
  21. Chemistry and Math by Official Flunk
  22. Break Apart (Instrumental) by Bonobo
  23. Lost Again by Sykoya
  24. Torrid Soul by HVOB & Winston Marshall
  25. Polygon Pulse by Maceo Plex
  26. Two Thousand and Seventeen by Four Tet
Mixed by Sergey Vatkin
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Special Podcast “Instrumental IV”


  1. Bagatelle by Degiheugi
  2. Soul on Fire by SmokedBeat
  3. Love Yet So Evasive by Gramatik
  4. Showdown Below My Sombrero by Gotye
  5. Sofa Rockers (Richard Dorfmeister Remix) by Sofa Surfers
  6. You Wish by Nightmares On Wax
  7. Carnivores Unite by The Real Blockhead
  8. Distinguished Jamaican Gentleman Inst. by The Herbaliser
  9. Good Evening Mr. Hitchcock by Gramatik
  10. I Know Who You Are by Somehowart
  11. Twilight by Jon Kennedy
  12. Black Baby by Kruder & Dorfmeister
  13. Mountain by Purple Penguin
  14. Dakota by Laboreal – Le Carré Bleu – Digital LP [ TFTC Records]
Mixed by Sergey Vatkin
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Special Podcast “Indie”

Special podcast from THN – “INDIE” – mixed by Sergey Vatkin.


  1. C.U. by Lou Doillon
  2. West End Kids by Emma Louise
  3. Cities We Won’t See Again by CALLmeKAT
  4. Silhouette by Birdy
  5. Heartstrings by Leighton Meester
  6. Fade Into You by Mazzy Star
  7. Dancing In The Dark by Miss Li
  8. West Coast by Lana Del Rey
  9. April Flowers by Jesse Jo Stark
  10. Out Of The Woodwork by courtney barnett
  11. First Light of Winter by Miranda Lee Richards
  12. Wreck of the Day by Anna Nalick
  13. Katie I Know by Marissa Nadler
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Special Podcast “Male Vocal Part III”

Special podcast from THN – “Male Vocal part III” – mixed by Sergey Vatkin.


  1. Trouble + Me by Ghostpoet
  2. Resolution for Solitude by Official Kiko King & creativemaze
  3. Risingson by Massive Attack
  4. Bring My Family Back by Faithless
  5. Woe Is Meee by Ghostpoet
  6. King Size Blues by Essen
  7. Will You Be There by The RAah Project
  8. Useless (@Kruder Kruder & Dorfmeister Session) by Depeche Mode
  9. Who Do You Think You’re Fooling by Mad Singer
  10. Thorns And Roses by Syntax
  11. Song #6 by Placebo
  12. The Parade by Smooth
  13. The Party Never Ends by Kasabian
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Special Podcast “Electronic Part I”

Special podcast from THN – Electronic Part I – mixed by Sergey Vatkin.


  1. Polygon Pulse by Maceo Plex feat DNCN
  2. Torrid Soul by HVOB feat. Winston Marshall
  3. Parks on Fire by Trifonic
  4. Outro (Revised) by DJ KRUSH
  5. Cascade (shortform) by The Future Sound of London
  6. Look Around by Ydille feat E. Smidt
  7. The Last Mile by Boris Blank
  8. Selected Garden by The Flashbulb
  9. Effect of the Breeze by Germind
  10. 光路 – Kouro – Optical Path by DJ Krush
  11. Storm 3000 by Leftfield
  12. My Kingdom by Future Sound Of London
  13. A Final Hit by Leftfield
  14. Polynomial C by Aphex Twin
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Special Podcast “Instrumental Part III”

Special podcast from THN – Instrumental Part III – mixed by Sergey Vatkin.


  1. Scratch Bandits Crew – Goodbye (ElektroBin remix)
  2. Visit Venus – Brooklyn Sky Port
  3. Deadbeats – Funky for You
  4. Ugress – Autumn Colours
  5. Le Gooster – Le Funkster
  6. DJ Vadim – Conquest Of The Irrational
  7. Orsten – Fleur Blanche
  8. Bonobo – Sleepy Seven
  9. Tetsuya Komuro – Blue Fantasy (DJ KRUSH Remix)
  10. Raid – Effortless
  11. EATS – Sakura
  12. CTO – Desert Trail
  13. Zeb – The Tango I Saved For You
  14. URBS – Tu moi aussi
  15. Ennio Morricone – L’Estasi Dell’Oro (Bandini Remix)

Also available at Soundcloud – https://soundcloud.com/trip-hop-nation/special-podcast-from-thn-instrumental-part-iii

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Special Podcast “Male Vocal Part II”


  1. The RAah Project – Black & Blue
  2. Tricky – The Only Way
  3. Rami Winston – Broken Promise Blues
  4. Massive Attack – Live With Me
  5. Velahavle – The World I Know
  6. Sofa Surfers – Valid Without Photo
  7. Jay-Jay Johanson – Again
  8. Radiohead – Climbing Up the Walls (Fila Brazillia mix)
  9. Morcheeba – Washed Away
  10. Husky Rescue – New Light Of Tomorrow
  11. AIR – Playground Love
  12. Nocturne Blue – Bottle Rocket Butterfly
  13. Howie B & Robbie Robertson – Take your Partner by the Hand (dj Premier
  14. remix)
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Guest mix by SUZ for Trip Hop Nation

Special Guest mix by Suz for THN
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  1. Suz feat Angela Baraldi – Rubber & Glue
  2. Morcheeba Music – Moog Islan
  3. Amycanbe – Everywhere
  4. Francesca Belmonte – Stole
  5. LetHerDive – Steps
  6. Zero 7 – Waiting to Die
  7. Armoteque – Early Morning
  8. Oh Land – Lean (with string quartet)
  9. Sonnymoon – Just Before Dawn
  10. Diplo feat Martina Topley Bird – Into the Sun
  11. Dani Siciliano – Be My Producer
  12. Melampus – Night Laugh
  13. kETvECTOR feat Suz – We’ll Be Fine
  14. NicoNote – Ti ricorderai (Luigi Tenco’s cover)
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Special Podcast “Instrumental Part II”


  1. Somehowart – Where Is The Morning Sun
  2. Quantic – Time Is The Enemy
  3. Kognitif official – Mes Nuits Blanches
  4. EATS – Speechless Trio
  5. Nils Petter Molvaer Dj Fjord Mix By The Herbaliser – The Platonic Years
  6. J-Walk – French Letter
  7. DJ Cam – Dieu Reconnaitra Les Siens
  8. Tommy Hools – Barcelone
  9. Joakuim – Highway 1
  10. DJ KRUSH – Future Correction
  11. dZihan and Kamien – Homebase
  12. Legato – If You Suck My Soul
  13. Michel Petit – Voyage À Tipaza
  14. Govinda – Charming The Serpent
  15. The Amalgamation Of Soundz – Tears For Yazd
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Special Podcast “Night Emotions”


  1. Sweet Pollution by SEPIAMUSIC
  2. Tobacco Slide by GOLOKA
  3. Extremis by Hal Feat Gillian Anderson
  4. Secrets by Puracane
  5. The Love Cats by Tricky
  6. Walk Home by Velure
  7. Human Nature by Madonna
  8. Sly ( Underdog mix ) by Massive Attack
  9. Over you by Boom Devil
  10. Angelhead by Supreme Beings of Leisure
  11. Fever (Black Dog Mix) by A Guy Called Gerald
  12. Slow Down by Morcheeba Music
  13. Midnight by Slackwax feat Trinah
  14. Sensation by Sweetback
  15. Calm by Govinda
  16. Lullaby by De Phazz
  17. Pina Colada (Jazz Mix) by Digby Jones
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